Who am I? What do I do?

You take somebody who’s evangelical about emotional wellbeing. Is passionate about helping Black and Brown women embrace entrepreneurship as a vehicle for expressing their passions and use their gifts to work in meaningful, successful, and fulfilling ways. Enjoys using her background in counseling, coaching, and career development, leadership, learning and transformation, emotion research, along with lived and learned experience. 

Voila! You get me!

I’m Gigi and I am an Emotional Health and Wellbeing strategist who specializes in helping Black and Brown Women who are just getting started or have been in business for a while, shift how they handle emotions and feelings. So that she can remove the blocks and barriers to creating and sustaining a life and business that they truly love. 

As entrepreneurs, there is the gap between the unlimited opportunities and unique obstacles that we have to close in order to thrive as entrepreneurs.

There’s also increased chances of sacrificing your sanity, that if not truly addressed, can stop you from creating that product, program, or service that can truly make the world a better place. It can stop you from unlocking your full potential to live life fully, even if you’re experiencing “success” in your business. For Black and Brown women it’s even more vital to close this gap. Yet, in comparison to other aspects of entrepreneurship. There’s not enough help and support to deal with the emotional and mental challenges that come with the territory.

So I decided to use my background in emotional and mental health and wellbeing, adult learning, and transformation. Combine it with my passion for creating a community that offers a comprehensive approach to connecting you with the right help, support, and resources to heal, learn and transform. So you irreversibly shift how you handle the emotional ups, downs, twists, and turns you will experience in building, growing, and sustaining a business.  

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