Do you desire to sustainably build and grow your business from wellbeing and pleasure, not unnecessary pressure?

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of our economy and it offers a great way to use your passions and gifts in ways that nourishes you and allows you to live your wildest dreams and deepest desires. The very nature of entrepreneurship involves experiencing highs, lows, twists, and turns.

For Black and Brown women in the helping and healing space, this is even more challenging due to the unique pressures that you face being a business owner, whether you're just starting out or have been on this journey for a while.

Often, you're bravely stepping into spaces where you don't see YOU and/or YOU don't feel safe enough to be and share YOUR emotional and mental struggles that can trigger your:

Pre-existing emotional and mental health challenges. Depending on the nature of the challenge can exacerbate potentially damaging behaviors to you and your business.

Stress induced emotional and mental health challenges that includes:
•Increase in self doubt and/or imposter syndrome
•Incessant inner critic 
•Higher rates of depression and bipolar disorder.
•Higher rates of anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
•Financial stresses and struggles
•Increase risk of breakdown and burnout.
•Higher rates of suicide.
•Higher rates of failure, rejection, and setbacks

When you're working for somebody else there are structures and systems in place to support and guide you, be it good or bad. When you're working for yourself, you have to establish the structure and systems that will allow you to succeed. 

These challenges will impact how YOU. It impacts YOUR decisions and actions that you take in building and growing your business. It can leave you feeling confused,  inadequate, and it that is  just you feeling the way you feel or thinking the way you're thinking. 

Take a moment and imagine what it feels like to... 

•Unapologetically own your emotional and mental health struggles. Even better master how to turn it from an obstacle into an opportunity. 

•Dial down the volume on self-doubt and imposter and dial up the volume on self-trust and self-confidence. 

•Learn to embrace the unknown, uncomfortable, uncertainty, and ambiguity to help you achieve your business dreams and desires without the unnecessary struggle.

•Reframe rejection, setbacks, and failure so you get to benefit from their gifts. 

•Make empowered decisions and takes aligned action about your business that's grounded in your emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Support is the key to handling the highs, lows, twists, and turns from a place of clarity, confidence, and ease.

Support can be a tricky thing.  While you've heard the clarion call to get support from those who have truly succeeded in achieving their wildest dreams and deepest desires. It's a lot easier said than done to get support because you:

•Believe that if you focus on other aspects of your business, your emotional and/or mental health challenges would go away.

•Believe that when you accomplished your goal that you would no longer feel the way you feel.

• Hit a wall with the self-care and DIY things that you're doing, and wondering if dedicated support is available.

•Got additional support, but it wasn't the right type of support for you.

•Have additional support but it is piecemeal making you more susceptible to backsliding when there's a change in that support.

If you're feeling some kind of way after reading this, please take a moment to soothe yourself by taking a few deep breaths. These are the struggles that I  experience and I see other Black and Brown women healers and helpers on this journey also experiencing.

Please know there's no judgment here, only compassion and a commitment to you being supported in a way that is right for you, right now because as Black and Brown Women we share similar struggles. However, we experience them in varying degrees of intensity and impact depending on various factors.

Being supported in a way that's right for you is what matters most. So you get to sustainably create, grow, expand, and mature your business from a pleasurable place.  

Care & Growth Coaching

What is it? 
Coaching to support you in optimizing your emotional and mental health so you can handle the highs, lows, twists, and turns of being an entrepreneur with clarity, confidence, and ease.  

What you'll gain from it?  
Using a framework created to address the challenges in accessing and optimizing the right type of emotional and mental health support for you, from a perspective that balances your care and growth.  

You'll discover how to:

Identify the right mix of things for you to do right now to relieve unnecessary tension, excavate buried emotions, and work through trauma, thoughts and feelings and thoughts in forward moving ways. 

Effectively implement practices, tools and techniques to access your whole body's wisdom, reframe emotional and mental challenges and opportunities, generate feelings for the things that you desire to achieve in your business. 

Integrate all the knowledge, skills, and experiences that you possess and will acquire in ways that allow you to function in an optimal emotional and mental state in navigating the entrepreneurial journey.  

Become more skilled in knowing when and how to increase or decrease the things that you're doing to support you emotionally and mentally in sustainability handling your business.   

Giving you a strategic, continuous, sustainable support system that allows you to unapologetically prioritize your emotional and mental wellbeing. And allows you to create from a place of pleasure, not unnecessary pressure in having the success and impact that you desire.

Now take a deep breath and notice how it felt to read that. Now ask yourself how your entrepreneurship experience will be different after experiencing  all or one of these benefits? 

Do you like where this is going? Ready to further explore if this is right for you? Then, click below to schedule your Care To  Chat 15 Minute Call.