Are you a new business owner, a business owner, or thinking about becoming a business owner and you’re feeling stuck?

You’ve made investments to learn all about building and sustaining a business that truly lights you up. You’ve sought out ways to help you have the mindset and spiritual wherewithal to help you. You read self-improvement books, journal and pray to offer you additional guidance and support. I want you to take a moment and acknowledge the steps you’ve already taken to create a more fulfilling life and business.

Even though you are doing all the “right” things, you’re still: 

Struggling to identify what you want to offer and who you want to work with.

Uncertainty, fear, anxiety, guilt, etc. stopping you.

Got a lot on your plate that’s stressing and draining you.

Not where you want to be in your business, despite the investments that you’ve made personally and professionally.

You want to spread your wings, but you’re scared to do so because you’ve got a great thing going and/or you're worried about how it will  impact your relationships with your loved ones.

Each of these can have you second-guessing yourself. Each of these can have you feeling alone, isolated, and wondering if something is wrong with you. Even if you are getting help and support with building certain aspects of your business (i.e. sales, marketing, systems, finances, etc), you may not feel comfortable sharing what you’re truly feeling. Because what you’re experiencing is emotional at the root, learning to feel and express it is what will help you to get unstuck.

Allowing you to:  

Simplify, clarify and magnify what you truly want in your business.

Be with what you’re feeling without it overpowering you or sabotaging you.

Eliminate the unnecessary tension, overwhelm and stress so you can function optimally.

Bounce back and bounce forward from setbacks, disappointments and failures much easier.

Embrace new opportunities and challenges with more ease.  


Here's What This Looks Like

Three months of private coaching to help you identify the blocks and navigate through the ups and downs in building and sustaining a business that you love with more ease. Allowing you to have more joy, fulfillment and freedom in your life.

Together we'll work through blocks, challenges, and opportunities by feeling and expressing what you’re experiencing you will discover how to be:  

Working with what you’re feeling and expressing it from a place of love, long-term thinking and being proactive instead of fear, short-term thinking and being reactive.   

Connect with your inner experience and understand the different systems that allow you to identify, process, and express what you’re feeling. Be able to better sense what others’ are feeling and handle what emotions they are expressing. 


Work on developing and refining your ability to feel and express your feelings. So that this becomes second nature for you to do this with yourself and your clients.   

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