Nothing will push and pull at your feelings and emotions than starting and sustaining a business that you love.

It’s no secret that having optimal emotional health and wellbeing is key to your overall happiness, health and success. Emotions don’t always get the love and attention they deserve. To help you get a better feel for my work, here’s some questions to get you started.  

What is Emotional Health?

Emotional Health is your ability to experience feelings and express them in healthy ways. It involves being aware of your feelings, being able to be with your feelings, process those feelings and express or repress/ suppress, only when absolutely necessary, them. Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Regulation are aspects of emotional health. Emotional Intelligence is your ability to understand and manage emotions. Emotional Regulation is the behavior that you engage in to handle the feelings that you’re experiencing. Both are key to being unapologetically emotionally healthy.   

What is Mental Health?

Mental Health is about how you process the information that you take in through your external and internal senses. Think of it as your brain and body’s hardware. Whereas emotional health is the software. Often, mental and emotional health are used interchangeably, but they are separate but equally important aspects of your overall health and wellbeing.  

Why do you work with Black & Brown 40+ women entrepreneurs?

Because of historical and cultural reasons we have different responses to how we deal with feelings and emotions.  The midlife experience for us also brings its own unique challenges and opportunities. However, Black and Brown women tend to get lumped into the general “women’s issues” pot. While some of our issues, problems, and concerns are addressed in this pot, the majority of them aren’t. Therefore it’s important to look at our emotional experiences as Black and Brown Women and identify the nuances so that we get the best help, support, and guidance to flourish in our businesses, and our lives. 

How do you approach emotional health?

My position is that emotional health is a cyclical, progressive, lifelong way of being that involves: learning, doing, changing and growing. That has numerous benefits to you and your business, such as: 

Better dealing with the demands of modern living and working
Enhanced communication and connection skills
Better focus and patience
Having happier and healthier relationships
Better decision making
Creative problem solving
Reduces stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms 

One that deserves to be cultivated without feeling shame, guilt, embarrassment or being gaslit for doing so. I believe in using targeted solutions. My framework for helping, guiding and support you covers three foundational areas to help you work through blocks, learn and practice, make and sustain changes in developing and honing your skill in feeling feelings and expressing emotions: 

This involves anticipating feelings and emotions, which will help you better identify and handle things will go bump in your life and business. So that you’re not dysregulated, discombobulated, and/ or stuck when things happen or you able to move out of these states. You are able to make choices and act from a place of love, long-term thinking and being proactive instead of choosing and acting from a place of fear, short-term thinking and being reactive. Allowing you to make peace with the past and live more fully in the present to in building a business and life that you love.  

Feelings and emotions happen in the entire body, not just the brain and mind. To really feel feelings and express emotions we need to work both the somatic and systemic aspects. The somatic involves exploring your internal, lived experiences. From a systemic perspective, a lot of the focus is on the nervous system. However, it is just one of eleven systems that affects your feelings and emotions. So it is important to explore all of the bodily systems and ecosystems that impact you and vice versa.

Even if you have a natural talent for feeling feelings and expressing emotions (Hello empaths, sensitives, and actors 😁). Even if you have training or read books on emotional intelligence. You still need to engage in on-going learning, intentional practice, and support as you are making changes. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time building and sustaining a business that you love, or branching into new areas of your business.  

How We Can Work Together

One-To-One Coaching
Gigi helps you to navigate with more ease the emotional blocks, ups and downs that comes with building and sustaining a life and business that you love.  


Emotions Made Easier For Entrepreneurs ™

Live, online course that teaches you how to do less rolling and more coasting through the emotional ups and downs that you will experience as an entrepreneur.