Helping HER Philosophy 

We women have unique issues and challenges to having careers or business that truly lights us up. However, Black and Brown women tend to get lumped into the general “women’s issues” pot. While some of our issues, problems, and concerns are addressed in this pot, the majority of them aren’t. Therefore it’s important to look at our emotional experiences as Black Woman, as Brown Women and identify the nuances as well as the commonalities so that we get the best help, support, and guidance to flourish in our careers, our businesses, and our lives.

Black Women, especially those of us in our midlives have spent our lives living and working in systems that taught us not to truly feel.  Our experience is like no other from a historical, structural, systemic, cultural, and familial perspective. Therefore it is important to truly understand and work with the nuances and commonalities of the Black Women’s emotional experiences in building and sustaining a career or business that truly lights you up.

Brown Women in their midlives have also lived and worked in societies that have taught them not to feel.  It isn’t the same experience that Black women have dealt with for centuries. It is no less important to understand and appreciate the nuances and commonalities that make up your emotional experience. So you can also build and sustain a career or business that truly lights you up.

However, the irony is that we in the professions that we’re in or start the business that we start because of how we feel and and we desire to feel. Therefore to really have joy, fulfillment, and freedom in your career of business means clearly and compassionately working with all of HER.

This involves:

Starting with the heart.

The heart is your emotional center. It is your home. Feelings and emotions are an invaluable source of information, wisdom, guidance, and energy. Thus it is vital to know how to name and navigate the emotions you are feeling with compassion and grace.

It leads your body, your mind, your soul in making choices and taking actions. This allows you to uncover who you are at the very core. It helps you to understand and work through what conscious and unconscious (e.g. thoughts, beliefs, values, history) you are carrying and how it may affect your interests, passions, and choices.

It is where you need to begin your journey to heal, change, and grow.  

Examine the ecosystems that you live and work in.

Feelings and how you use them (i.e. emotions) do not exist in a vacuum. Therefore it is important to look at the history, systems, structures, culture, family that shapes how you feel and don’t feel. This is key to navigating the emotional rollercoaster that you experience as you are healing, changing, and growing in your work. And empowers you create that sweet spot that honors you and allows you to best thrive in the systems that you live and work in.

Take stock of all of your resources.

What you feel you have or lack impacts how you approach pursuing your dreams and desires. Often you don’t always see much less feel the native wisdom, natural gifts and attributes, and acquired gifts and attributes that you bring to the table. When you discover how to skillfully feel your feelings, you will also discover how to best optimize these to help you do the work that is meaningful and purposeful for you.   

Taken together these three aspects paints a comprehensive picture of you.  That captures your beauty, brilliance, and bravery. Allowing you to create and flourish in your chosen career or business.  Allowing you to have more harmony with the other areas of your life.     

How You Can Work With Me

Work With What You Love™
Three months of one to one coaching to help you identify and overcome the emotional stuck and/blocks to having a career or business that truly lights you up. 


Work With You Feel™

Online course to help you feel more at ease in navigating the emotional highs and lows you’ll experience making career changes with more ease, confidence, and enjoyment.