Nothing will push and pull at your feelings and emotions than starting and sustaining a business that you love.

Entrepreneurship is a great container for doing the work that truly lights you up in ways that light you up. Especially for Black and Brown women who are fed up with working in toxic environments, feeling constrained, and deeply desire to be all that they can be. Further, they are tired of having their needs and desires glossed over by being lumped in with the challenges and changes that women in general are dealing with.

Learning how to sell, market, and manage your money is where you’ve invested your time, energy and resources so that you can get paid clients and have a steady income.  

However, the emotional and mental aspects of being an entrepreneur haven't received as much love and attention. Yet, they are foundational and vital aspects of your wellbeing which impacts YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. You need a strategy that prepares you to handle the ups, downs, twists, and turns that you will experience.  

While these terms are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Emotional Health is about how you experience feelings and express them in healthy ways. Mental Health is about how you process the information that you take in through your external and internal senses. Both are needed to handle the ups and downs that you feel being on the entrepreneurial journey.

There are a range of emotional and mental health opportunities, challenges, and changes that getting the right help and support is game changing in thriving in your life and business. I focus on feelings because feelings are our mother tongue and the true language of transformation. The choices we make and the actions that we take are all rooted in feelings.  

While emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional regulation (ER) is talked about, very little of it actually focuses on how to feel your feelings and express your emotions in healthy ways. In fact a lot of EI/ER suppresses and discourages from truly feeling and emoting. I believe that when you know how to truly feel feelings and express emotions in healthy ways. You have unshakable resilience to not only handle the changes, challenges and opportunities, but also unlock your full potential and use your power wisely to cultivate a life and business that you love.  

My TRUST 5 Step Framework For Feeling™ gives you growth oriented path for transforming how you handle feelings and emotions that includes: 

A major struggle dealing with feelings, and what we do with them (i.e. emotions) is that our language for doing so is rather limited by a combination of internal, structural and systemic obstacles. My approach works to help you identify and understand the complex interplay between these factors. Allowing you to expand your vocabulary and non-verbal aspects of feeling.  

It’s important to feel safe enough to explore what you’re feeling whether you’re just starting out or more seasoned to help you shift how you identify, engage, and express what you’re feeling. So that you’re grounded, centered, and connected in navigating the challenging, complex, and changing nature of feelings.  

With an expanded and mastered language and structure that allows you to feel safe and guides you in working with your feelings. With compassionate care and growth oriented support you will work through any roadblocks that you hit faster. You’ll feel connected as opposed to feeling alone, especially when those doubts and fears about your ability to learn this and pursue your dreams kick in.   

How We Can Work Together

Feel 2 Flourish
Gigi helps you shift how you handle the emotional ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. So you can have a business you love and live life fully.   

Care & Clarity Consultation 

Not sure where to start? Gigi offers this special consultation to jumpstart getting you the right type of emotional, mental, and personal development support that you need now.