Create A Career You Love. Create A Life You Love. In A Challenging World.

Is your inner critic stopping you from doing
what truly lights you up?  I'll show you how to Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your #1 Cheerleader and have the support you need to do the work you love.


Welcome! I'm glad that you're here.

I'm Gigi and I enjoy using my passions for emotional wellness, helping you unapologetically use your passions and gifts, working with our beautiful bodies, leadership, entrepreneurship, and the environment to do the work that you love, live a life that you love, in a world that doesn't make it easy.

Sadly, too many of us Black and Brown ladies in midlife have amassed and internalized feelings and beliefs that have kept us from doing work we truly love. Too often we spend our time, energy, and talents fulfilling others’ dreams instead of fulfilling our own. Too often our attributes, gifts, and passions have been weaponized against us to keep us playing small. I am here to help you change the narrative. A narrative that has put you into just one, narrow, misleading box, often not of your own choosing, into a narrative that honors and embraces you creating the box(s) that you want to work and live in. 

​To do this means going on this journey involves…

Opening yourself to uncover/rediscover your passions
Most of us were raised with the expectation that we choose a career that allows us to make a “good living” and to stay with that career until “retirement.” Because you evolve and change, pursuing  your various passions  can feel like a tug of war between your dreams and desires, and the messages you’ve internalized from family, friends, society, and culture about success. 

Giving yourself permission to go for more. ​
Ambition is something that women, especially Black & Brown Women, have been taught to fear, courtesy of the negative connotations historically associated with ambitious women. Specifically, career ambition is erroneously thought to be the antithesis of having happy, healthy life. So there’s a lot of pressure to “settle” and/or play small instead of going for more.   

Letting go of meeting others’ expectations and judgments.
The biggest source of the pressures, the stresses, and the burnout that you experience comes from trying to be “strong” in meeting others’ expectations. It also comes from maintaining that same strength in dealing work challenges, health issues, and relationship changes. On this journey, you’re questioning what really matters, the type of life that you want to lead, the type of impact that you desire to have, and the legacy that you want to leave for others to benefit from.

All of this can feel daunting. ​
The journey to doing the work you love and living a life you love, means breaking free of the feelings, beliefs, and actions that are standing in your way. It means allowing yourself the space to be grounded, centered, and connected, so you can explore. It means being creative in using your attributes, gifts, and passions in ways that work best for you. Yes, you’ll feel various things as you’re doing this work. That’s what I’m here for, to guide you through it. Below are the ways that we can work together to help you.


Here's How We Can Work Together 

Work With What You Love™

Gigi helps you uncover the things that truly fulfill you, and use them to create a career or business you love. And create a life that you love.

Work With What You Feel™

Online course to help you be at ease in navigating the various emotions you’ll experience making career and life changes.  

Have Gigi Speak At Your Event

Gigi inspires, educates, and invites you to  creatively use emotion to lead better, live better, and work better.

What Client's Are Saying

“Working with Gigi I learned a new way to center myself and ​ set several personal and professional goals!” 

Tracy S.

"I started first working with Gigi in fall of 2018. She was very patient, generous of her time, and gave good advice with me. I now have a job! A full-time job with benefits as a contractor to an organization that I am proud to be associated with. One would do well to follow her advice and suggestions." 

Lynn  A. 

"Please KNOW how much you have helped and are helping…how you touch someone’s life by a word, a moment, an action, a prayer…can be life-changing to that person. You may not even know the impact you had…but even a kind word, gesture, acknowledgment of someone can bring them out of their fog, even for a moment long enough to see that there is sunshine and clarity, so don’t give up. "  

Barbara O.

"Gigi was instrumental in helping me to stay aware of my power and influence. The exercises helped me to focus and plan for greater success in the future."   

Shanti B.

Grab my three steps to Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your #1 Cheerleader and be supported in doing the work you love.