Gigi's Official Bio

Gigi Burke, PhD is a Emotional Health & Wellbeing Strategist, Founder, and Speaker. She helps Black & Brown women, new and seasoned business owners, irreversibly shift how they engage with feelings and emotions. So they can maintain their sanity while creating and sustaining a life and business they truly love.

Prior to starting her own business, she wore her various hats to help leaders, employees, and students be and do their best work. She worked as a consultant in the areas of leadership, learning and development where she created innovative and award-winning solutions for academia, corporate, and in the environmental health and sustainability nonprofit space. Before that, she was director of a University's Career Services where she led the counseling, experiential education and operations functions.  

Her work has been recognized by the Association for Talent Development, Atlanta Chapter for her leadership of the Career Development Special Interest Group, Sierra Club Centennial Group for her work on sustainability education. She was also a contributor to the book Hired! Paths to employment in the social media era. 

Through her speaking she aims to inspire women and members of historically excluded groups, to skillfully feel their feelings and express their emotions sans the  shame, embarrassment, guilt or being gaslighted. So they can create and sustain a life and business that they truly love. Tapping into her superpower of converting dull and seemingly disparate concepts into palatable and practical tips and techniques, coupled with her quirks and sense of humor. Gigi offers a full on edutaining experience, appearing on podcasts, presents at conferences, and leads workshops for groups and organizations.   

Being an immensely curious and lover of learning, she holds her Doctorate in Adult Education, Human Resources and Organizational Development from the University of Georgia, Masters in Counselor Education from The Pennsylvania State University, and her Bachelors in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is a certified Non-Linear Movement Method© Teacher, and is trained in various somatic practices to facilitate honing our felt sense to heal, to learn, to develop and to elevate ourselves.

When she’s not working, you can find this foodie enjoying great cuisine, engrossed in a page-tuner, traveling, and taking in nature’s wonders, unless the weather really sucks.