Your wellbeing isn't a luxury, it's the raison d'être of your entrepreneurial journey.

Living a certain lifestyle. Explore new and unchartered territory. Using your passions, talents, and gifts in ways that truly makes your heart sing. Working in ways that don't feel like "work." The pleasure of being a boss or the flexibility and freedom that comes with being a founder, owner, or CEO. Making an impact and making money. These are some of the reasons that led your to become an entrepreneur.

The messaging and misconceptions about entrepreneurship coupled with an ingrained belief that you don't deserve to feel good, unless or until you've achieved certain things.

That is just wrong!!! Worse, this horrible belief is setting you up for a journey of sacrifice.  Making your journey more stressful than it needs to be. Making you strive to attain goals that still won't make you feel good deep down.  

Wellbeing isn't a results-oriented destination to reach, rather it's a foundation to enjoy and operate from. It is a foundation for creating, growing, and sustaining a thriving business. You will experience success, setbacks, curveballs, rejections, failures, and breakdowns. You will have times when you're just not feeling it. That's okay. There's no dodging or avoiding it. You get to choose how you want to experience this. 

When you choose to prioritize your wellbeing. You are choosing to unconditionally feel good about you and about your life first and foremost, even with the highs, lows, twists, and turns that you're experiencing as you're building, growing, and sustaining your business. You do everything that you do because of how you feel, how you want to feel, and how you do not want to feel.  Emotions and Feelings sets the stage for the mental, spiritual, physical, social, environmental, and financial aspects of wellbeing. When you do the emotional work, it's supports and facilitates you doing the actual work with more ease, confidence, and clarity. Your heart is your CEO.

That is why I focus on the emotions and feelings aspects of wellbeing.

My mission is to guide and support you in strategically creating and skillfully cultivating your ability to unconditionally feel good. So you get to  to handle the highs, lows, twists, and turns in ways that allow you to move through it quicker. Move through it in ways that allow you to grow. Move though it in ways that you get to experience: Balance, Authenticity, Joy, Pleasure, Connection, Creativity, Resilience, and Adaptability. Move through it in ways that strengthen your skills in learning and unlearning. Move through it in ways that allow you to leverage the right people, tools, and techniques to support and celebrate you.

My vision is for you to truly enjoy your entrepreneurship journey. Then you're coming from a place of inspiration and not needless effort. This is where you get to really be you. This is where you get to dream filter free. This is where work doesn't feel like "work." This is where you get to truly get to have fun exploring and experimenting. This is where you're succeeding without feeling like you're sacrificing.   

My work is informed by the following principles:

I believe that it's critical to know what satisfaction feels like for you. This sets the stage for how you approach building, growing, and sustaining your business/venture.  

Systems & Structures 
It's vital in doing your healing, learning and growing that you understand the socially constructed systems and structures that are impacting you. So you can reinvent yourself with compassion.  

You are your number one priority. You have to be ready and willing to make the space to give yourself what you need so that you can shift how you handle the highs, lows, twists and turns with more ease.  

In a world of red tape, complexity, emotional and cognitive overload, simplicity allows you to get to root of the challenges, adversities that you're experiencing. It allows you to learn the knowledge and skills needed to change and grow.

This is where you practice, practice, practice to getting good at unconditionally feeling good, so that it become second nature for you to do it. 

Check out the Care & Clarity, Care & Cultivate, and Care & Learn experiences to learn more.